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The Wind shadows Guest House

Traditional estate guest house with 2 bed rooms, living room, and a convertible upper living room, ideal for two families with children (2 families of 4 Adults 4 Kids) which is very close to the dense woods..

The Woodpecker

This is advised for young couples and honeymooners. Bed room with private baloney overlooking the forest, and an open deck for spending your days pensively. Two Wood Pecker cottages are available for 2 families of 4 adults and 2 kids.

The Woodside

This cute tastefully done up villa with cozy and comfortable accommodation for two families with Children (2 bed rooms and a Living room). The Jeroka on the rise an excellent view of the rolling hillocks. The Woodside brushes the dense forest. At night, the ambience, the tranquil and the company of the crickets may arise the dreamer and lover in you.

Tented Accommodation

A wide variety of tents are available for the boisterous and daring crowd. All weather well protected tents which are small for one person and large enough for a group of four. The location is a camp clearing in the forest or the location of your choice. (Tent accommodation for 22 Adults).

House of Four Gables

This four gabled economy priced accommodation is a kilometer from the core activity centre of the resort. The house is designed for touring youths. Maximum sleeping facility is for twelve (4 bed rooms). The transport to the House of Four Gables (Pick up & drop) by the estate jeep only.


Cozy single room cottage adjacent to wood side, showcasing the typical Kerala architecture, ideal for honeymooners.

The Morris Bungalow

75 year old traditional estate bungalow restored painstakingly to its old charm. Two bed room bungalow with a living room, fireplace and a private dining room and verandas ovverlooking the forest."Morris Bungalow is currently under restoration".

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