Welcome to Vagamon Heights
Sprawling among 250 acres of farmland, Vagamon Heights is developed out of an abandoned plantation. Though the old plantation is retained the open space is turned in to a tourist destination, it is not at the expense of its native charm. Fringed by a 100 acre virgin forest, Vagamon Heights still treasures the exotic flora and fauna as it did probably a century back. Rare species of trees and entwining creepers are well preserved.
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Activities at Vagamon Heights
Discover a new way of enjoying the water Placid lakes are the ideal location for boating
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Bicycle touring, also known as cycle tourism, involves touring exploration or sightseeing....
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Jeep Safari
Kerala has a range of ecotourism projects that provide the discerning visitor ...
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The riverside picnic is a moment of pleasure Spending the day on board a fishing boat....
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